Restaurant Style Palak Paneer Recipe | Palak Paneer Recipe


Palak Paneer Recipe, How to Make Palak Paneer at Home, How to Make Palak Paneer, Easy Way to Make Palak Paneer

This is a famous dish of our country. It is easy to make and eat both. There are many ways to make it. Palak Paneer is a Punjabi dish that everyone in the country likes, not just Punjabi. Along with taste, it is also very beneficial for health. Spinach is very good for eyesight and there is a lot of protein in paneer. This is a dish that hardly anyone likes. It is liked by everyone from children to elders.


Palak Paneer Recipe – Ingredients

Paneer (250 g)
Palak (1/2 kg)
Onion (1 finely chopped)
Tomato (1 finely chopped)
Green chili (2)
Turmeric (1 tbsp)
Cumin (1 tbsp)
Garam Masala (1 tbsp)
Red chili powder (1/2 tbsp)
Kasuri methi (1 tbsp)
Fresh cream (2 tbsp)
Lemon juice (1 tbsp)
Refined oil (1 tbsp)
Salt (as per taste)


Palak Paneer Cooking Time

Preparation Time- 30 Minutes
Cooking Time- 30 Minutes
Total Time – 60 Minutes

How to make Palak Paneer – Instructions

1. To make this dish, first wash the spinach leaves thoroughly and cut them into small pieces.

2. Boil spinach in salt water for 3 to 4 minutes.


3. After boiling the spinach, filter it in a sieve.

4. Now make a paste by grinding spinach, ginger, green chili, garlic and one spoon of water in a mixer.

5.  Now heat the pan on the gas and add refined oil to it.

6. Fry the paneer in oil till it turns light brown.

7. Take out the paneer from the oil and place it on the napkin paper so that it absorbs the oil.

Palak Paneer Recipe

8. Now fry finely chopped onions in the same pan.

9. When the onion becomes light golden, then put tomatoes in it.

10. Add spinach paste to the roasted onions, tomatoes and cook it for a while.

11. Now add half a cup of water to it and cook it well for 6 to 7 minutes after adding little water.

12. Add lemon juice and kasoori fenugreek and fresh cream and mix it well.

13. Let it cook on low flame for 3 to 4 minutes.

14. Your Palak Paneer is ready.

15.  You can serve it with rice, roti, naan, paratha.

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