Delicious Chocolate Shake Recipe


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Chocolate Shake is one such drink that children like a lot. It also takes a lot of time to make it. The ingredients used in this drink are very less. Its taste is very delicious. If you buy this drink from the market then it will be very expensive. It is better to make it at home. The ingredients used in this are easily available at home and it is very easy to make at home.



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Chocolate Shake Recipe- Ingredients

Milk (cold – 2 cups)
Vanilla ice cream (1 cup)
Chocolate ice cream (1 cup)
Chocolate syrup (4 tbsp)
Whipped Cream

Chocolate Shake Making Time

Preparation Time- 5 Minute
Cooking Time- 10 Minute
Total Time- 15 Minute

How to make Chocolate Shake- Ingredients

1. To make this drink, first add cold milk and vanilla ice cream in the mixer.
2. You can also use chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla ice cream.
3. After this add 4 spoons of chocolate syrup.
4. Run the mixer once so that there are no lumps in the ice cream.
5. After this take it out in a glass and garnish it with chocolate and whipped cream.
6. Chocolate shake is ready.


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