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Dahi Vada is one such recipe which is favorite of most of the people. Many people also count it as street food. Making Dahi Vada is very easy. It is prepared from washed urad dal and deep fried in oil. After this, put curd, chutney and chaat masala on it and serve it. Its taste is sour sweet and fun. You can make it very easily at your home. You will easily find the ingredients used in this dish at your home.



Dahi Vada Recipe – Ingredients

Urad Dal (1/2 cup – soaked for 4 hours)
Ginger (2 tsp – finely chopped)
Green chili (2 tsp – finely chopped)
Curd (2 cups – whipped)
Sugar (2 tbsp)
chili powder
Tamarind Chutney (2 tbsp)
cumin powder
Black Salt
Green Coriander (1 tbsp)

Dahi Vada Cooking Time

Preparation Time – 20 minutes
Cooking Time – 15 minutes
Total Time – 35 Minutes

How to make Dahi Vada- Instructions

How to make Vada?

1. Prepare a paste by grinding urad dal, ginger, green chillies, salt and less than half a cup of water in a mixer.
2. Now divide this batter into 6 parts and keep it separately.
3. After this, heat oil in a non stick pan and add the vadas and fry on low flame till they turn golden brown.
4. Now take it out on a tissue paper.


How to make Dahi Vada?

1. Put sugar and curd in a bowl and mix well to prepare sweet curd.
2. Now take water in a big pan and soak the vadas in it for 20 minutes.
3. Now squeeze out the water from the vada and flatten it slightly with the help of your palms.
4. After this place the vadas in a deep plate and add curd to it.
5. Now sprinkle some chili powder, 1 tbsp tamarind chutney and cumin powder and black salt on it.
6. Dahi Vada is ready.

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