Gajar Ka Halwa at Home | Carrot Halwa Recipe


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Gajar Ka Halwa At Home: I know you don’t need any introduction for it. Because Gajar Ka Halwa is everyone’s favourite. It is probably one of the most popular dessert of our country. And the word Gajar Ka Halwa is a fav be it in Indian movies or festivals or Indian buffets or Indian wedding or any occasion that calls for celebration with sweets. It is a classic simple dessert with no complex ingredients.




Indian Style Gajar Ka Halwa

In India, halwas are prepared in various types and carrot halwa being one of them. In winter no one miss a chance to taste this halwa. Winter is the season of Gajar Ka Halwa. Taste wise Gajar Ka Halwa made from red/orange carrot does not make much difference but the ones made from red are more appealing to the eyes.

How To Make Gajar Ka Halwa At Home

Ingredients For Making Gajar Ka Halwa

– 1 kg Fresh Carrot
– 1 litre approx Milk
– 1-11/2 cups Sugar
– 3-4 tbsps Ghee
– 5-6 Cardamon
– a pinch Citric Acid/Nimbu Ka Phool (Optional)
– Cashew Nuts, Almonds and Raisins



Process Of Making Gajar Ka Halwa At Home


1. Wash, peel the skin and grate carrot using food processor or by hand grater.

2. Add about one tbsp of ghee in a wide thick Pan or kadai. Roast the nuts. When they are golden brown in color, remove and keep aside.

3. To the same pan add grated carrot and saute for about 5 minutes. Carrot will turn slightly pale in color.

4. Now add milk and cook uncovered on medium flame. Let the carrot cook in milk. Stir once in a while. Continue the process till the carrot drinks almost all milk. This will take almost 30 to 40 minutes.

5. When the mixture is almost dry, add sugar and mix well. You can observe that carrot mixture again liquifies and changes in color.

6. Stir at regular intervals and Cock till sugar dries up and mixture turn thick. This may take about 10 minutes. If you are adding Khoya/Kova, add at this stage.

7. Now add remaining ghee you will observe that the halwa will get a nice glaze after the addition of ghee.

8. Add cardamom powder, roasted dry fruits and mix well. Continue to cook till the Carrot Halwa acquires desired consistency i.e. the halwa turned forms a single mass.

9. Switch off the flame and served hot/ at room temperature or chilled. Remains fresh for about a week if refrigerated in a container.


– Milkmaid/ condensed milk can also be used. If using that then reduce the quantity of sugar.

– You can also add Khoya/Khova to make it more rich.

– To quicken up the process, you can pressure cook carrots with milk. Later the procedure is same.

– You can serve warm Carrot Halwa with vanilla ice cream too.

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