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What is Software, What are the types of Software, What is the history of Software, What is the function of Software, How to create Software, What are the examples of Software

In today’s time Computer has become our Basic Necessity. We are using computers everywhere whether it is home or office. It is not wrong to say that today the world is running on computers. Computer is classified into two parts. Hardware and Software. Computer has no existence without these two, through this article we will know what is software and what is its work. It is a type of tool that connects the users with the hardware parts in the computer. We cannot run a computer without software.

What is Computer

All the work we do in computer is done by software only. It is a set of instructions or programs, which are used to operate the computer. In simple language, this program is used for the application running in the computer. This is the most important part of the computer. It is impossible to run a computer without it. Input devices are used in computers such as Monitor, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse etc. which we call Hardware.


The application program that gives instructions to these hardware is called software. Such as MS Office, Internet Browser, Power Point, Excel, Word etc. It is called the Variable Part of the computer and the Hardware is called the Invariable Part. Software is written in many types of programming languages.

History of Software

In the 19th century, Ada Lovelace created the world’s first program. Which was published for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. He is called the world’s first computer programmer. Alan Turing first gave the theory of this program in his Essay “Computable  Numbers with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem. But this term was first discovered by John Tukey who was a mathematician.

Types of Software

1. System 

It is a group of more than one program. With the help of this software, the computer controls its hardware.

It works for the maintenance of the computer.
Controls the computer.
Helps in using new hardware.
It gives the platform to execute the Application Software.
Connects users to hardware.
There are some examples of this such as Operating System, Language Translator (Assembler, Compiler, Interpret).

2. Application 

We use it to do the work of our Daily Routine. Such as Database Software, Word Processing, Graphics etc. This is a group of programs that the user uses for his normal work. It is used for these works.

Word Resources
Database Management System
Information Technology
 Computer Based Designing

3. Utility 

We have to use this it again and again. There are many things that we need utility to do. It is used in these works

Antivirus Utility
Disk Click Up
Disk Formatting
File Sorting Program
Disk Management Program
Data Selection Program

Functions of Software

The work of the this depends on the purpose from which it has been made. For example, Operating System is used to manage Store Files in the computer which is a type of System Software. Calculator is used to calculate numbers which is a software. Apart from this, all operating systems like Windows, Android, Linux etc. are type of this system which is used to run our computer. Whatever work we do on mobile in our computer, laptop. All that is done using it.

How to create Software

If you are interested in making it, then you have to start it by learning Programming Language. It is developed only after learning these languages. But learning programming language is not so easy because there are many languages ​​in it. In this you have to choose what kind of language you are going to learn. For this you should be clear that what type of application you want to create.

For example, if you want to create a simple application, then you have to learn C, C #, Swift, Java, C ++, PHP languages. But if you want to develop it related to new technology like Blockchain, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, then you should learn high quality language like Python. We have given below the names of some programming languages ​​that you can learn-

Java Language
Java Script
Type Script
C Language

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