What is Microsoft Windows | Definition, History, Use

What is Microsoft Windows, What is the History of Microsoft Windows, Types of Microsoft Windows, Properties of Microsoft Windows


Windows is a system that is used by almost everyone. In today’s time, smartphones with Windows operating system are also present in the market. But do you know what is Microsoft Windows and how is it used? There will be many people who have heard about it and there will be many people who have not heard about Windows operating system. In this article we will tell you the Definition, History and Use of Microsoft Windows.

What is Microsoft Windows

This Operating System is a Graphical Interface Operating System created by Microsoft Corporation Company. Windows is a 32-bit Multitasking Operating System designed for Single Users. It is mainly used in Personal Computer. Windows is a very famous and widely used operating system due to its graphical display and excellent features. This operating system can open many windows simultaneously and can do different work in it.


There are many reasons behind calling this operating system Windows. In this, each software opens as a Rectangular Graphics Box, through which we can open many windows simultaneously and do different things. Its Graphical Environment makes the use of computer quite interesting and easy.

History of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft company started its first GUI (Graphical User Interface) operating system in 1985 under the name of Windows1. Earlier Xerox Corporation Company developed a computer named Xerox Star based on Graphical User Interface in 1980. But the GUI got popularity from the Macintosh computer developed by Apple.


What is Operating System

It is such a computer system that acts as a medium between computers and users. The computer does not understand our given command. Therefore, the command given by us is explained by the operating system to the computer. With the help of this system, the computer completes the work by understanding our commands.

Types of Microsoft Windows

1. Single User OS

In this OS, only one person can use the computer at a time, this is for a single user. Through this operating system, only one person can use the PC at a time.

2. Multiple User Operating System

In this OS, more than one person can work on the computer at a time. Multiple User OS is used in big companies, colleges, organizations, hospitals.

3. Multitasking OS

In this OS, many programs can be run simultaneously on the computer at a time. For example, you can also work on the Internet at one time and listen to a song together.

Names of Microsoft Windows

1. Windows1
2. Windows2.0
3. Windows3.0
4. Windows3.1
5. Windows95
6. Windows98
7. Microsoft Windows ME
8. Windows 2000
9. Windows XP
10. Windows Vista
11. Windows7
12. Windows B
13. Windows10

Properties of Microsoft Windows

1. It has been made in a very easy way, due to which anyone can understand and use it very easily.

2. There is a feature of Automatic Update in this. This feature is very important to keep the operating system secure and up-to-date.

3. There is a Taskbar in Windows, where all the items of the Open Program are visible, with the help of which you can easily switch to other Programs.

4. No computer can run without Windows. Therefore it is very important to have Windows installed in your computer.

5. It is quite compatible compared to other operating systems.

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