How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube


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In today’s time everything is becoming digital. Every person wants to do his own work and earn money from his own work. That’s why today we will talk about YouTube. In today’s time every other person is making YouTube channel and looking for a way to earn money from YouTube. It is very important to have more and more Subscribers on YouTube. Because people who make videos on YouTube have only one purpose that is monetize their YouTube channel and earn money from it. Ever since people have come to know that they can earn money by making videos on YouTube, most of the people have started doing this work. You cannot earn money just by creating a channel on YouTube. You have to monetize your channel and bring more and more subscribers to your channel.

What is YouTube

YouTube is such a Video Sharing Service in which users watch videos posted by Youtubers or Content Creators. Any person can upload their videos by creating a channel on YouTube. YouTube was started in the year 2005 as an independent website. Later in 2006, Google bought it. Videos uploaded on YouTube are also present on the YouTube website. This can also be uploaded to any other website. The slogan of the YouTube website is ‘Broadcast Yourself’. This is because this service has been designed in such a way that any common person can upload their videos on it.

Why is it Important to Increase YouTube Subscribers

It is also used by many companies and organizations to promote their business. But most of the YouTube channels are created by common man and video is uploaded by him on it. A person sitting in any corner of the world can post videos on YouTube. Videos of a very large range are also uploaded on it. Such as Homemade Music Videos,  Funny Videos, Sports Videos, Comedy Videos etc. Nowadays people share more instructional videos on YouTube. You can generate revenue from this by running ads on videos. In today’s time, every YouTuber whose channel is monetized is earning a lot of money from it.


How to Increase Subscribers on YouTube

Every person who creates his channel on YouTube and uploads videos on it, his aim is to earn money. But the biggest concern that comes up is how to increase subscribers on your YouTube. Because Subscribers is of the kind that advances any YouTube channel. The more subscribers you have on your channel, the more views will come on your videos and the more your videos will be shared. If your channel has been monetized, then you can earn lakhs of rupees in a month from this, which attracts people to YouTube the most.


How to Increase YouTube Subscribers

1. Complete Setup of Channel

To increase maximum Subscriber on YouTube, you have to do complete setup of your channel. By this we mean that you have to show all the things like Banner, Video, Message, Verification of your channel on your channel. Because whenever a person visits your YouTube channel, he will get all the information. So that he will find your YouTube channel Genuine that you are providing correct information. Seeing all the correct information, he can subscribe to your channel.

2. Create Channel Trailer

To increase subscribers on your channel, you can create a trailer for your YouTube channel and upload it to the channel. Whenever a person opens your YouTube channel, he will first see the trailer of your channel. Trailer Autoplay happens. By uploading a good trailer on your channel, you can increase your subscribers. The trailer of the channel is the one in which you tell people on which content your videos will be based and which category they will be.

YouTube Subscribers

3. Make Thumbnails Better

Thumbnail is most important to increase the subscribers of any YouTube channel. Whenever you upload a video on YouTube, create a High Quality Thumbnail of that video. This has the advantage that if any person accesses your YouTube channel, then because of your thumbnail being eye-catching, he will definitely click on your video and subscribe to your channel.

4. Add Subscribe Button

YouTube provides a feature that allows you to put a subscribe button on your channel. It is beneficial that whenever a person visits your channel, he will see this Subscribe Button. If any person likes your video then he will click subscribe button on your channel. With this, whenever you upload any video on your channel, a notification will go on it, due to which the views on your videos will increase and the subscribers will also increase.


5. Share the video as much as possible

There are many YouTube channels that do not get access because not many people know about their channel. So that their subscribers do not increase. To increase more subscribers on your YouTube, you have to market it. Marketing means that whenever you upload a video to your YouTube channel, then share it as much as possible on different social media platforms. For this, you have to join many groups on Facebook and share the link of your YouTube video at least four to five times in it.

Apart from this, you can also share your videos on Instagram and Twitter and also share its link. The more people who know about your channel and your videos, the bigger your subscriber will be. You can share your videos on these platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Mxtakatak, Chingari, Josh, Zili, Whatsapp, Hike, Telegram.

Increase YouTube Subscribers

6. Use Keywords in the Title of the Video

While uploading a video on YouTube channel, you have to use Top Keywords in its title. This will make the position of your video good in Search Engine. The advantage of this is that when people search any video, your videos will appear in it and people will click on your video so that the views on it will also increase. When people see your video, people will subscribe to it.

7. Make Video 3 to 5 Minutes

It is believed that people watch more videos on YouTube, whose length ranges from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. This means that people do not like to watch videos which are too small or too big. Therefore, you should always keep the length of your video from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

Apps to Increase Subscribers on YouTube

1. Subpals
2. Easy
3. YT Views
4. Sub Booster
5. Ytsocial App
6. Ytplus

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