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Ancheer Electric Bike, Features of Ancheer Electric Bike, Ancheer Electric Bike Price, Ancheer Electric Bike Review


Electric Bikes continue to amaze us by its storm. In many cities you will see someone zipping around on an Electric Bike because it is so common there. You may have thought to buy a Electric Bike for yourself but like others you change your mind because of price tag. It’s price is average around $100 to $20,000. But you don’t have to worry because there are an Electric Bike that offer discounts. In this article we will tell you about a Electric Bike named Ancheer Electric Bike or Electric Mountain Bike. Through this article you will get to know about the Features of Ancheer Electric Bike, Ancheer Electric Bike Price and Ancheer Electric Bike Review 250W Electric Bike

What is Ancheer

Anjeer is not a company that makes Premium Bikes. It is a Chinese company that specialization in Shipping Discount Bikes. So, if you want to buy an electric bike in discount price then it will be the best option for you. With an Ancheer Bike, you are shipped a box of parts and you assemble it yourself. You will not end up with a Premium Electric Bike and you will not end up with a Premium Mountain Electric Bike. It is about a functioning Electric Bike. If you are a very interested in a Budget Electric Bike then you might just come satisfied with it. (Top Indian Bloggers)

Ancheer 250W Electric Bike

The 250W bike is an Electric Mountain Bike with 26 inch wheels and a removable 36V lithium battery. But like others every bike has pros and cons, negative reviews and positive reviews. Let’s look into it.


Ancheer Electric Bike Price

This mountain bike is quite inexpensive. It retails for under $600 USD. This is listed as a sale price on the website. Ss Electric Bikes go this is about as cheap as it gets. With most retailing well over a few thousands of dollars this bike is certainly quite the deal.


Ancheer Electric Bike Warranty

The Bike offers a 1 year warranty on most defects to do with the bike. There is also a full refund option with in 7 days and a replacement option within 15 days.

Ancheer Electric Bike Battery

This Electric Bikes comes with a removable 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery. It depends on riding modes but this battery should last you about 10 miles of throttling, or about 20 miles with pedal assist.

Ancheer Electric Bike Features


It has a 250W high speed brushless motor. This is pretty standard for an Electric Bike and should support riders up to about roughly 200 Ibs. This motor can get the bike moving about 25 mph.

Ride Options

This bike has to ride options. There is the traditional assisted bicycle mode, in which the bike assist your acceleration up to a certain speed that is about 25 km per hour. It has option for three pedal assist modes, each offering more assistance and power. There is low, medium and high mode. It has also fully automatic throttle mode, in which the bike will propel the entire ride for you. The bike tops out at about 20 mph which is very decent for an electric bike of this price.

Bike Features

This is very much in no frills, Budget Mountain Bike. It will get if from point A to point B, but don’t expect to be using this for advanced mountain biking on incredibly rough rout.

Brakes and Gears

The bike has front and rear Disc Brakes and a 21 Speed Transmission System.


It has a frame that is made from 100% aluminium alloy. The bike itself is sturdy and well made and relatively light in weight. It is made for a comfortable ride.


It is a hardtail mountain bike with front suspension forks.

Other Features

This Mountain Electric Bike is pretty standard. There are an LED head lamps and a horn for safety. The seat is pretty basic but comfortable enough for a rider.

Customer Review

The Bike received positive reviews over all. It has an average of 4/5 stars with approximately 700 reviews. The main highlight of the issue which we have mostly mentioned in this article is positive review. People are excited to receive a Functioning Electric Bike at such discounted price. People who enjoyed this bike typically used it for their commutes and for getting around in general. Many people said that the bike was well designed and function just as thought. They received the bike and completed the quick assembly process.

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