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Do you know what is YouTube Go? This is a new application from Google. We all know about YouTube that it is an application of Google that runs from the Internet. Through this, a person sitting in any corner of the world can watch and share videos. There are millions of videos on YouTube, on which there are different types of content, from which we learn something new, due to which we are entertained and we also get information. Many people who have created their channel on YouTube upload thousands of millions of videos on it every day. It can be seen by people all over the world.

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YouTube Go

Nowadays YouTube is already installed in all types of Smartphones. With which we can watch videos on our phone at any time. But you will be able to watch videos  only if your phone has Internet Connection. It happens that the Internet runs very slowly, due to which we have a lot of trouble watching videos. To avoid this problem, Google has added a new feature to YouTube in the year 2014, so that we can watch videos without Internet Connection and without Buffering.

To watch the video without internet connection, we have to click on the Arrow Mark given below the video. So that the video will be downloaded and you can watch it whenever you want without internet. Google Company has launched a new app to improve the feature of video platform, which is named YouTube Go. This app is going to be launched in India very soon.


What is YouTube Go

This is such an application made by Google that works in any Smartphone. It has been made keeping in mind the Indian users, because there are many places in our country where Internet connectivity is very poor. Due to which people are not able to watch videos well and are not able to enjoy them. This application has been made to further improve the experience of it. Looking at Poor Internet Connectivity, Google has launched this application.


What are the features of YouTube Go

1. This is an application like YouTube on which you can watch videos. In this, you can easily watch any video by searching in the Search Box. You can download and watch the searched videos in YouTube Go even without Internet, its most important feature is that very little data is spent in downloading videos in it. You can easily download any videos on it in low data cost.

2. In this application, Google has also given the option to share videos. Sharing videos in this does not require data. You can send videos to anyone with the help of the application and you can also take videos from anyone. Google has also given the option to download videos but there is no option to share it. Google has given this feature only in this App.

What is YouTube Go App

3. In this app, Google has given another feature in which even if your Internet Connection is on 2G network, you will not have any problem in watching the video. Because even if the Internet Connection is slow, the video will not play intermittently. Its quality will just not be so good. But you can watch the whole video without buffering.

4. In this application, before downloading any video, the option of previewing the video has been given. Where you will see some 5-6 frames of that video. Seeing which you will understand that this is the video you want to watch. Then you will be able to decide whether you want to download this video or not.

How to download YouTube Go App

1. To download this application, you have to go to your mobile’s Play Store and search for it.

2. Click here to download YouTube Go App.

3. After the app is downloaded, open it and select your Gmail Id.

4. Now Videos and Search Box will appear on your screen.

5. From here you can watch any video by playing it or you can also watch the video by searching in the search box.

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