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WhatsApp Web for your mobile is a built-in feature of WhatsApp. Through this, you can use your mobile’s WhatsApp on your computer and if you want to use the same WhatsApp in any other mobile, then you can also do that through WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web in mobile is such a feature, with the help of which you can connect your WhatsApp account to your computer or other mobile. If you use WhatsApp, then you will know that when you try to login to your WhatsApp in another mobile, then your second login account is logged out. That’s why you used to be able to use your WhatsApp account in a single mobile, but now WhatsApp has brought out a new feature which is known as WhatsApp Web. Through this feature, you can use your WhatsApp in other devices.

Some time ago everyone wanted to know how to use their WhatsApp account on other devices or on their laptop, computer, but then there was no such feature of WhatsApp. But now WhatsApp has developed a feature called whatsapp-web, through this feature we can use our WhatsApp account by connecting it to any other device.


When was WhatsApp Web Launched

WhatsApp Web is the desktop version of WhatsApp Messenger, which was launched by the company on January 21, 2015. Initially this feature was launched only for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone users but later it was also launched for Ios and Nokia users. Earlier WhatsApp used to work only on mobile phones, but seeing the problems of users, it was updated and WhatsApp Web was created which works on mobile as well as desktop.


You can also operate your WhatsApp Messenger on your computer and laptop. This is a new feature of WhatsApp itself which has been made to use WhatsApp Messenger on the browser. There is no need to download the app in this. Directly allows you to send and receive messages to your user from the browser itself.

Important things for WhatsApp Web

– You must have a WhatsApp account.
– It is necessary to have internet connection for this.
– WhatsApp Web can be used in any browser, except Internet Explorer.

How to use WhatsApp Web

Before using WhatsApp Web, some things should be kept in mind so that you can easily use this WhatsApp Web on your laptop, computer, smartphone. First of all, if WhatsApp update has come in your mobile, then update it only then WhatsApp Web will work.

To use WhatsApp Web, you have to be connected to your number in your mobile because there is no sign in login option in WhatsApp Web.

You can use WhatsApp Web in all types of web browsers except Internet Explorer. In this way you can easily use WhatsApp Web on your desktop or smartphone. Through this, all types of files such as Image, Audio, Video, any type of document, location sharing etc.

How to Start WhatsApp Web

First of all, open any browser on your desktop, laptop. For example, you can open Google Chrome.

After this, after searching WhatsApp and clicking on the first site, you will go to

– If you want to use WhatsApp Web on your mobile, then open the Desktop Site, only then you will be able to use it on mobile.

After this you will see the QR-code, go to the menu (Triple Dot) of WhatsApp in your mobile and click on Link A Device and scan the QR-code.

By doing this, your mobile will be connected to your Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone and you will be able to use WhatsApp.

How to Download WhatsApp Web

First, WhatsApp Web can be used by going to any web browser and scanning the QR-code. Secondly, if you download and install WhatsApp on your Desktop or Laptop, then you can download and use WhatsApp Web like this.

How to Log Out WhatsApp Web

To log out of WhatsApp Web, you have to open WhatsApp on your mobile.
After this click on the Menu (Triple Dot) of WhatsApp.
All the devices in which you are using WhatsApp will be shown on all the devices. Maximum you can use it in four devices.
– Now log out by clicking on any device you want to log out in or if you want to log in all devices then click on Log Out from all Devices.
In this way you can log out of WhatsApp.


Q: For how many days WhatsApp can be kept logged in on WhatsApp Web?
Ans: If you will not use your mobile for 14 days then your mobile will be disconnected from WhatsApp Web.

Q: When was WhatsApp Web launched?
Ans: Whatsapp

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