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The Reserve Bank of India launched Unified Payment Interface or UPI for features phone on 8 March 2022, bringing about 400 million users of such phones under the ambit of India’s homegrown payment network. Feature phones are basic phones that typically provide voice calling and text messaging functions. India has a mobile phone consumer base of about 118 crore of which about 74 crore have a smartphone indicating that there is a significant number of feature phones users in the country.

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What is UPI123Pay

Feature phone or non-smartphones users will now be able to undertake a host of transaction based on four technology alternatives. They include calling an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) number, app functionality in feature phones, missed call based approach and also proximity sound based payments the Reserve Bank of India said. Such users can initiate payments to friends and family pay utility bills, recharge the fast TAG of their vehicles, pay mobile bills and also allow users to check account balance, it said, adding customers will also be able to link bank account set or change UPI PINs. Further the 24/7 helpline ‘Digisathi’ will assist the users with all their queries on digital payments via website and chatbot. RBI is working on making a scan and pay feature available soon.

RBI Launches UPI

The Reserve Bank of India has launched an UPI for the users who uses feature phone or non smartphones. On 8 march 2022 RBI Deputy Governor launched UPI123Pay for non smartphone users. This UPI will allow feature phone users to make digital payments instantly.


UPI123Pay Features

RBI announced that this UPI123Pay will enhance the digital money transfer and reduce the cash dependency for the non smartphone users.


UPI123Pay Launch Date

The Reserve Bank of India launches the UPI123Pay on 8 march 2022 for feature phone users or non smartphone users.

How to Make Payment Using Feature Phone

The Reserve Bank of India said it will offer four alternative to users to make payments by offering them a menu of option and will add to the features going forward through NPCI, users of feature phone will be able to make payments in four ways:

1. First way is through IVR system or voice best system, where users can call the number provided by NPCI initiate a secured call and make a transaction.

2. Second, is through an app based channel, where an app functionally will be offered to a feature phone. All transactions available on a UPI app on smartphone will be offers except for the feature to scan and pay. RBI is working on making a scan and pay feature available soon.

3. Third is a proximity sound based payment. Transactions will be made using technology based on sound waves to enable contact, enable networking and thus make contactless payments for feature phone users.

4. Fourth, a missed call best system, where users can send a missed call and will get back a call. Users can authenticate the payment by inputting a UPI pin and thus carrying out the payments.

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