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Have you heard about Storage Device? There are very few people who know about the it. What is a storage device, what is the function of a storage device. This is a device that is used to store information or any data digitally. It is also known as storage medium or storage media. It is a hardware device, which is used to store information or data digitally. Their main purpose is to store data. Whether it is Temporarily or Permanently. These data storage are such places in the computer that store the data in electromagnetic and optical form. So that the Computer Processor can access the data very easily.

What is Storage Device

It is a device whose main purpose is to store any information or data digitally. This can store that data Temporarily or Permanently. It is a computer hardware used to store data or information. It can store data for both long-term or short-term.

They are also called Storage Media or Storage Medium. It is inside or outside the computer or server. This is most important for any device or computer. It is available in different size.


Types of Storage Device

As we have already told you that the it is used to store any information or data digitally. It is mainly of four types-


1. Primary Storage Device

It is also called Main Memory. This Direct Memory is accessible through the Central Processing Unit (CPU). This is volatile. Their memory is Temporary. This means that whenever the device is switched off or rebooted, the memory gets erased. Example- RAM, ROM, Cache.

2. Secondary Storage Device

It is not directly accessible by the Central Processing Unit. Input and Output Channels are used to connect such storage devices with the computer. Because it is an external device. The storage capacity of Secondary Storage Device is higher than that of Primary Device. These are non-volatile. They store the data Permanently. Both internal and external memory are found in these. Example- Hard Disk

3. Tertiary Storage Device

It is not very important. Robotic Mechanism is used in this, which mounts or dismounts Removable Mass Storage Media in the system. Robotic Functions are used in this type of device.

It does its work automatically. It is used to archive data, as it has a Comprehensive Computer  Storage System which is very slow. Example- Magnetic Tape, Optical Disc.

4. Off-line Storage Device

It is also called Disconnected Storage or Removable Storage. This is such a data storage that is not under the control of the Central Processing Unit. Before a computer can be accessed, it has to be connected by a person. Example- Floppy Disk, Zip Diskette, USB Flash Drive, Memory Card.

Storage Device Names

1. Hard Disk

It is such a data hardware device that is used to store data in the computer. We need it to keep the software, operating system and files. There are many companies that make hard disks, such as Seagate, Western Digital (WD), Hitachi, Lenovo, Toshiba etc.

2. SSD

It is used to store large amounts of data and it is an Immutable Device. It works faster than a normal hard disk, its capacity is up to gigabytes.

3. Blue Ray Disc

It is an optical storage media that is used to keep high quality videos and files. It can store data up to 128GB.

Storage Device

4. RAM

This is a kind of primary memory. With the help of this computer device can do many things at a time. RAM data can be viewed, written and deleted repeatedly. This is a Variable Memory. Due to which it cannot be used for Permanent Storage.

5. ROM

It is used for Permanent Storage. We cannot change its data. ROM is read only by the CPU and the CPU can modify it. But the CPU cannot read it directly. For this we have to first send the data to RAM. Only after that with the help of ROM the CPU can read the data.

What is Cloud Storage

It is a kind of storage system only. In this, instead of keeping your data on your device, it is stored on some other server. Which you can access online anytime.

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