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It is also called web server. It is a computer program that runs websites. Simply put, it divides the web pages as they are requested. The job of the server is to store web pages, process and deliver web pages to users. Through this article, we will know what the server is and how it works.

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What is Server

Server is a computer program and software whose job is to collect information and send that information to other computers and users. The computers and users to whom information is sent are called clients. This Data Transfer is sent with the help of Local Area Network or Wide Area Network. When a user sends a request to the Internet to know any information from his computer, mobile or laptop, the server removes that information from the Internet and sends it to the users according to that request.

Types of Server

It is of many types. But if we talk about CPU, then it is also a server which stores our personal information and when we need it, we are able to access it in our computer. Let us know how many types of this system are there and what is their work-


1. Print


These are the servers that connect on the computer and printer network, when a user gives a print command, that it accepts that request and completes the print process from the printing machine.

2. Virtual Private

It is also called VPS. This is a type of hosting in which we can store our website. It is between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

3. Chat

It is important for Chat, Message. With the help of this, users are able to do Real Timing Messaging. It is a good support to establish a conversation between the client and the users.

4. List

Through this the mailing list is managed. Such as Newsletters, Advertisements and Announcements.

5. News

With the help of this, news messages are sent from one computer and server to other users.

What is Web Server

6. Fax

It is a software program that receives, sends and distributes faxes. Such servers are used at very large scale organization level.

7. Application

It installs, stores and operates the application. With the help of this web application can be created and run. It is mainly related to Web Applications, which most software developers use to create and operate web applications.

8. Mail

With its help, e-mails are received and sent. It is used to save Emails data. It receive mail from the client’s computer and send them to another mail server on the Internet.

9. Web

It is a special computer and software program that responds to the requests of its users on the World Wide Web using HTTP. It is also called hosting, which blogs use to store the data of websites.

10. Database

With the help of this, the database stored in the system, is managed. It allows only authorized users to access. It is always kept in the central location, which can also be backed up regularly.

How does a Server Works

All the work we do on the Internet such as downloading files, browsing, using social networking sites, doing e-mail and many other things that we do on the Internet, all the work is done with the help of  it and the server itself. Also transmits data to us.

Why Server go down

There are many reasons for the it is being down. Like it is a hardware or any software program. If any kind of technical issue comes in these hardware, then the it gets down. It is known to all of us that there can be a technical issue in the machines at any time. Technical staff are always present for it, who solve the technical problem immediately. Sometimes it also becomes slow due to high traffic. This means that the load is coming on more than the capacity of a it, so that it goes down. As soon as the load decreases, it comes back again.

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