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You must have heard and seen about this device and also used it. But do you know what is a pen drive, how does a pen drive work? In today’s time, most people use this drive to easily transfer documents or files from one place to another. It is also called Flash Drive. Now people do not use old storage devices like Floppy Disks etc. Because this device could store very little data and was quite slow. But this device is much faster and has more space than the traditional storage device. Its use is also very easy. You have to insert it in the USB port of your computer. It is compatible with all types of operating systems. It can be easily carried anywhere.

What is Pen Drive

It is an external device used in the computer to back up the files and data of the computer. It is used to transfer data from one computer to another. This is a portable device which is used to store data. It is called Smriti Shalik in Hindi. It is not possible to move any computer from one place to another again and again, so if we have to transfer the data of any computer to another computer then we use this device. This is small in size and very light in weight. Therefore it is also very easy to carry it.

History of Pen Drive

It was invented by IBM company in 1998. At that time IBM Company had made to convert the Pen Drive Think Pad Product to Floppy Disk. The first Flash Drive was made by the Israeli company M-System. The device was made by Dov Maron. He used to work in M-System company. Earlier this drive was called Disgo. It used to come in different sizes like 8MB, 16MB, 32MB and 64MB. Disgo Advance Version K.S. Made by Pua Khein Singh. After the arrival of this device, it became quite famous and big companies also started making drives. It can be used in many devices like Mobile, Video Game Console and Digital Music Player.


Types of Pen Drive

1. Security Flash Drive


It is a USB Storage Device. This keeps the data secure. It has a combination lock before it can access the USB disk.

2. Music Flash Drive

It is a flash drive used to store or transfer music from one device to another.

3. Bootable Flash Drive

This is a simple USB memory stick which is used to install the operating system.

Features of Pen Drive

1. The capacity to store data in this ranges from 512MB to 128GB.
2. This is a portable device. It can be easily carried from one place to another.
3. In this we can store files.
4. It stores the data in the same way as the primary memory.
5. It does not require any kind of external power.
6. It transfers data faster than computer components.

Parts of Pen Drive

1. Flash Memory Chip- This chip is used to store files and data. With its help, data can also be deleted from the pen drive.

2. Second Flash Memory Chip- This is a slot in which Extra Memory Chip is inserted. Due to which its storage capacity increases.

3. Write Protect Chip- With the help of this, Store data is protected in Drive.

4. USB Connector- With the help of this device is plugged with the computer.

5. LED- It tells us whether the this device is working well or not.

6. Crystal Oscillator- This is a piece of Quartz Crystal which vibrates at a particular frequency.

7. Controller Chip- It retrieves information from it.

8. Test Points- This is an electronic pin. When the device is assembled, the drive can be stimulated with its help.

Functions of Pen Drive

1. With its help the Operating System can be installed.
2. It is used as a backup. If there is any problem in our computer then we can keep our data safe in it.
3. USB is most commonly used to store Personal File such as Document, Image, Video etc.
4. With the help of this, you can access the files stored in your device in any other computer as well.
5. This is a portable gadget.

How Pen Drive Works

This drive is classified into NOT AND, NAND. It is also called Gate Style Data Storage Device. In this, the data is stored according to the block. More information can be stored than storing data as a block. It is much cheaper. When the pen drive is plugged into the computer, then whatever files or data we want to store in the device, we save it through Copy / Paste. If there is any fault in your computer, then all your data is safe in it.

Benefits of Pen Drive

1. With the help of this, we can make a backup of the computer.
2. It is small in size and light in weight.
3. It is very cheap.
4. It can be easily carried from one place to another.
5. It stores the data.
6. Its storage capacity ranges from 512MB to more than 128GB.

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