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What is Input Device, Types of Input Device, Names of Input Devices, What is the Function of Input Devices

Do you know what is an input device and how it works? Many people already knows about it, but there will be many people who do not have any knowledge of it. Input devices are some external parts of the computer, with the help of which we give and receive data. In today’s digital world it is impossible to work without computer and technology. Everyone is using Laptop and Computer. Many types of devices are used in computers and laptops, through which the computer is controlled and operated. One of these devices is the input device. Input Device has made our work very easy.

What is Input Device

It is an electronic device with the help of which data is input into the device. When any data is entered into the computer with the help of any device, it is called an input device. This is a part of the computer itself. Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner etc. are all examples of it. With the help of all these, we can input any kind of data in the computer. It is a type of hardware through which it can be controlled by interacting with the computer.


Like inputting text from keyboard, selecting different icons with mouse etc. All the work of the computer is done with the help of input devices. In simple language, it connects Human World to Computer World. Through this we give instructions to the computer and the computer follows those instructions.

Name of Input Devices

1. Digital Camera
2. Touch Screen
3. Trackball
4. Microphone
5. OCR Reader
6. OMR Reader
7. Biometric Scanner
8. Webcam
9. Keyboard
10. Joy Stick
11. Scanner
12. Mouse

Types of Input Device

1. Microphone

It is a device whose job is to convert sound into digital form and store it. Voice Recorder and Audio Recorder are examples of this. It takes a lot of work. Like Video Recorder and Microphone are used more in making movies. It receives any sound and converts it into digital form and outputs it with the help of speaker.

2. Keyboard

This is the main input device. With the help of this, we do the work of entering text in the computer. This device is most commonly used. With its help, we send messages, emails, transfer online, do online shopping. We cannot do all this work without the keyboard.

Function Keys: These are 12 such keys which are in the line above the keyboard. These Keys are – F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12. All Keys have their different functions and they are used for different tasks.

Typing Keys: We use these keys to write any text in the computer. It’s Keys A-Z.

Control Keys: These include Cursor and Directional Keys. They are used to control the screen. For example, the cursor is controlled by moving up, down, right, left. It is also used to make Shortcut Key. Like Delete, Insert, End, Home, Page Up, Page Down, Alt, Esc, Ctrl.

Numeric Keys: Numbers come in this part. With the help of this, we input numbers in the computer. Like- 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

3. Scanner

It is used to convert any document or picture into digital form. Documents can be scanned and stored in the computer with the help of Scanner. Stored digital pictures or documents can be edited by computer. The scanner moves the Shining Light over the document, which reflects the light and forms the image of the document and this light resides in the Photo Sensitive Element. You can store the scan document in your computer and can also edit it before printing.

4. Mouse

It is the main input device of the computer. Using this, we control the movement of the cursor on the monitor screen of the computer. Its main work is to point, click on the object and drag them from one place to another on the screen. For this, two buttons Left and Right have been given in the mouse and a scrolling wheel has been given in the middle. There are two types of mouse – one Wired Mouse and the other Wireless Mouse.

5. Trackball

It looks a bit like a mouse. It is a Pointing Device. There is a ball on its top, which can be controlled by the movement of the pointer with the help of fingers. It is used as an alternative to the mouse. It is quite easy to use. Because to control the pointer, it does not have to move around like a mouse.

6. Joy Stick

There is a stick attached to it which is moved by holding the hand and the cursor is controlled. Buttons are also given in this which are called Triggers. It is also used like a mouse. It also controls the movement of the cursor on the screen of the computer. Joy Stick is mainly used for playing computer video games.

7. Webcam

This is a type of camera that is connected to the computer. These are installed in the center of the screen of the computer or laptop. Security Camera is an example of this. It captures images and videos like other cameras but does not have its own memory. It stores pictures or videos in the computer, which we can view and edit by opening it in the computer. Such cameras are used more for video conferencing meetings and online video calling.

8. Digital Camera

It is an input device that captures pictures in digital form and stores them in the memory present in the digital camera. In this, we can transfer Store Pictures by connecting it to the computer via USB cable. In this, Charged Coupled Device is used to record pictures, videos.

What is the functions of Input Device

Its job is to enter Control Signals and Data in the computer. After which the computer processes that data through the CPU, from which we get the output. The input device accepts the instructions given to the computer and allows you to connect with the computer and control it.

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