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What is GPS, What is the full form of GPS, What is the history of GPS, How does GPS work, What is the use of GPS, What is the importance of GPS

Do you know what is GPS and how does it work? If not, then we will give you complete information about it. In the olden times, people knew about any route or location with the help of stars and used to find out where to go. But now the world has gone a long way and the time has also changed. Today, if we have to go somewhere, we want to find out about the location of some place, then we can do this work only with the help of GPS receiver. Whether you are in any corner of the world, you can find out about any location with the help of GPS.


What is GPS

It is a Space Based Satellite Navigation System that gives information about the location and time of any place on Earth. This system provides important capacity to Military, Civil and Commercial users all over the world. It is made up of a network group of 24 satellites, which are placed in the orbit of the Earth by the US Department of Defense. Initially it was made to be used in military applications, but in the year 1980, the government ordered this system to be used by the common people. Its most important thing is that it can work 24 hours in any corner of the world in any weather. There is no need to pay any Subscription Fee or Setup Charges to use this device.


What is the Full Form of GPS

The full form of this is Global Positioning System. With the help of this, you can get information about your location or the location of any other place.

Definition of GPS

This system is made up of three things – Satellite, Ground Stations and Receiver. Satellites in this system act like wires and Ground Stations receives satellite position information using Radar. The job of the receiver is to receive the signals sent by the satellite. The work of the receiver is also to calculate the distance of the satellite.

What is the History of GPS

It was first used by the US Defense Department. It refers to NAVSTAR which is an American navigation system. The Soviet Union launched the Sputnik I Satellite in Sir 1957 so that better geolocation technology could be obtained. Similarly, the US Navy started Submarine with Satellite Navigation in 1960, after which the TRANSIT System was invented. For many years it was used only for the government but later it was made available to the common people as well.

Basic Structure of GPS

It has a three block configuration which has three segments-

1. GPS Satellite

Many GPS are deployed in six orbits around the Earth, whose altitude is approximately 20,000 kilometers and it moves around the Earth in 12-hour-intervals.

2. Ground Control Stations (Control Segment)

Its main job is to monitor, control and maintain the satellite orbit. Its work is also to keep in mind that the satellite’s Deviation Orbit and GPS Timing should be under Tolerance Level.

3. GPS Receiver (User Segment)

Its main job is to receive the signal sent by the satellite, hence it is known as GPS receiver.

How does GPS work

It works with the help of 24 satellites. All these satellites are located in space at a distance of 12,000 miles from the surface of the Earth. These satellites revolve around the Earth in 12 hours. The speed of these is very high. Many satellites are spread in such a way that it can completely cover the earth. Works on 3 segments in the system. Space Segment, Control Segment and User Segment. Whenever we do a location search, the satellite signals first come to Earth, after that they are received by the Signal Receiver. The receiver also measures the distance and time of these signals. After all these segments, the information you have searched with the help of this system will reach to you.

What is the use of GPS

1. Location- To find out the location or position of a place.

2. Navigation- Reaching  from one place to another.

3. Tracking- Keeping an eye on any personal movement.

4. Mapping- Map the world

5. Timing- Finding the Accurate Time.

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