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Do you know that you can earn money sitting at home in many ways and become a freelancer. If you want to become a Freelancer then you should read this article completely. Through this article, we will tell you what is Freelancing, how you can become a Freelancer, how to earn money online from Freelancing. We will also tell how to get online freelancing job. More than half of India’s population is unemployed. He is always in search of earning money sitting at home. The solution to this problem is Freelancing. Through this, you can earn money online sitting at home. Let us tell you that How to become a Freelancer, How to do Freelancing Job. (What is Digital Marketing)

What is Freelancing

It means that if you get any work then earn money by doing that work. Simply, earning money in exchange for any of your skills. To understand it like this, suppose you know web designing, then knowing someone who has a website, he will ask you to work on his website. If you complete that work, then he will give you money in return for that work. This whole process is called Freelancing or Freelancing Job. People who do Freelancing Jobs are called Freelancers.

In this you do not work for any particular firm or company. You have to find your clients by yourself and work for them. In this, you complete the work of a client and take your money from him. After that you can now work for other clients. This process continues like this. This is a skill based job, in which you earn money from your skill and talent. It is of many types and every person has his own different talent and skill.


How to do Freelancing Job

This is a skill based job which we have already told you. In this, any person earns money on the basis of his skill and talent. If you want to become a Freelancer, then first you have to identify your Talent. You have to know your Hobbies. You have to know what work you like to do in free time. What is the work that you can do for free.


After recognizing your talent, you have to learn this work well and then start this work in a professional way. You have to become better in whatever work you do and do that work in a professional manner so that you can give good work to your clients in a good and short time. There are many types of freelancing jobs and it also depends on many things. Most of the Jobs are online only, so you will need some things to do this job.

1. Computer/Laptop
2. Internet Connection
3. Smartphone
4. Email Account
5. Bank Account

After finishing the work given by your clients, you take money from your clients for that work. To take money from the client, an online payment method is required, which you can choose according to the convenience of you and the clients. Some of this Online Payment Method are as follows-

1. PayPal Account
2. Instamojo Account
3. Payoneer

Online Freelancing Jobs

1. Content Writing
2. Digital Market
3. Blogging
4. Web Designing
5. Online Teaching
6. Consultancy Work
7. Graphics Designing
8. Video Editing
9. Audio Making
10. Logo Maker

What is the Job of Freelancer

In this all the work is done online. Client and Freelancer cannot see each other physically. There are many ways to find Online Freelancer and Client. For example, a person meets a freelancer or client through a social networking site on the Internet, or through another person or organization, there is a project deal between the client and the freelancer. But the best way for this is Freelancing Website. By this the freelancer gets the job, because now it is completely Trustworthy.

How to get Freelancing Job

Where the biggest question is how to get a Freelancing Job. So there are two ways for this- first way your Contacts and second way Freelancing Websites. Either you can find your clients using your contacts or the other way is Freelancing Website, which is quite popular nowadays. There are many such websites which are getting Freelancing Jobs done. Through which you can also do your work. This website works as a medium.

Both Freelancer and Clients are registered on Freelancing Website. Clients publish their jobs and then freelancers apply to do that work. Whatever work the clients like, he hires it. After the completion of the work, the client pays the freelancer for his work. Here we will tell you about some freelancing websites that offer Freelancing Jobs. Where you can start Freelancing by applying and earn money online.

Freelancing Job Websites

1. Fiverr- is a very good Freelancing Website. This website is of great benefit for the Freelancer. You can earn good money online by working here.

2. Upwork- Upwork has a popular Job Offering website. But it is difficult to get the account approved on this website. But here you get good money for work.

3. Freelancer- is a very big Website. People use it all over the world. Here you will get a job in every small and big company. All kinds of work is available here and the money is also very good.

4. Peopleperhour- It is very easy to earn money by working on Peopleperhour website. Where you will find many categories of work. Like Mobile Development, Web Development, Designing, Translation, Writing, Editing, Photo Retouching etc.

5. Toptal- Toptal Website is for those people who have skill and good knowledge to do any work, then this website is absolutely perfect for you.

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