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While traveling by road, you must have seen how long queues of vehicles are kept at toll plazas and sometimes there is so much traffic that common man has to face many problems. Keeping in view the convenience of the drivers, there should be no problem in collecting Toll Plaza, so NHAI, an organization under the Ministry of Road and Transport of Government of India, suggested to implement FASTag. In order to overcome the problems of the common man, the National Highway Authority of India started the Electronic Toll System in India.


Fastag was first launched in India in 2014. After this it was implemented in the whole country. With the help of this system, it became very easy to pay Toll Tax at the toll plaza. In this you have to install Fastag on your vehicle. You can easily get FASTag from any official FASTag issuer or from banks.

What is FASTag

This is the method of Electronic Toll Collection. All the vehicles that pass through the national highway, they have to pay toll tax to the government, for which Toll Plaza Center has been made at different places on all the highways. All the vehicles going from here have to pay Toll Tax. Earlier it was collected as Tax Cash but now the government has made it online. The process of doing Toll Tax Online of the government is called FASTag.

According to this rule, it is mandatory for all four wheeled vehicles to have Fastag installed in their vehicle. For this, the owner of the vehicles has to first register online, after which online toll tax is issued for their vehicles. Under this process, the owner of any vehicle does not need to pay in Toll Tax Cash, but with the help of Fastag, this process becomes Online Automatic Pay.

When was FASTag started in India

Fastag was started in our country in 2014 from Toll Tax Plaza on the highway between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. After this the rule was implemented in 2015 on the toll plaza of the highway between Chennai and Bangalore. So far, Fastag has been started at about 332 toll plazas in India where you can pay Toll Tax with its help.

How FASTag Works

It is installed on the windscreen of four wheeled vehicles and Radio Frequency Identification is installed in it. As soon as your vehicle comes within the range of the toll plaza center, the sensor installed on the toll plaza contacts the FASTag installed on your windscreen and the toll tax is automatically deducted from your FASTag account. When the amount of your FASTag account is exhausted, then you have to recharge it again. Its maximum limit is up to 5 years. This means that after 5 years you have to get the Fastag Change of your vehicle done.

How to apply for FASTag

To apply for Fastag, you can use different company website and mobile company. Here we will tell you how to apply for Paytm Fastag.

1. To apply for Paytm Fastag, first you have to open Paytm Application in your phone.

2. Now click on the option with Buy Fastag in it.

3. After clicking on Fastag Option, Paytm Fastag page will open on your screen, in which you have to enter your vehicle number.

4.  After this you have to upload the photo of both the sides of the Registration Certificate of your vehicle.


5. Now you have to confirm your Delivery Address, on which your Paytm Fastag will be sent.

6. Now after this you have to click on the Buy option and make payment by choosing the payment option.

7. Paytm Fastag will be sent to your home within 8 to 10 days.

How to recharge FASTag

There are many ways to recharge Fastag. You can also recharge it with your Debit Card, Credit Card, RTGS or Net Banking. At least ₹ 100 and maximum up to 1 lakh can be recharged on Fastag account.

Benefits of FASTag

1. To get rid of problems like long lines at toll plazas, people not having cash and road jams, the facility of paying Toll Plaza Tax online has been started. With the help of Fastag, we can pay Toll Tax Online, which saves a lot of our time.

2. The facility of paying toll tax online also saves diesel and petrol.

3. Cash back facility is also available by paying Toll Tax Online. According to a report, people who have paid Toll Tax with the help of Fastag between 2016 and 2017 have got cash back up to 10%. Similarly, in the year 2017 and 2018, up to 1.5% has been received from Cash Back, in 2020 and 2021, 2.5% Cash Back has been received. This cashback is returned to your FASTag bank account within 1 week.

4. If FASTag is installed on your vehicle, then whenever toll tax is deducted from your account, you will get to know about it with the help of SMS.

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