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Whenever a website is mentioned, the domain name must also be mentioned. You must be wondering what is a domain name and what is its connection to the website. Domain name is a system with the help of which we find any website on the Internet. To give the address of any web pages or web services, we have to use the domain name. This is a Friendly Naming System. You must have heard about domain name at some point or the other. Through this article, we will tell you how to create a domain name.

What is Domain Name

It is also called Domain Naming System. With the help of this, we can identify any website in the Internet. Every website is connected to some IP address. Internet Protocol Address is a numerical address that informs the browser which website is present on the Internet. If you say in simple language, then it is the name of the website which is easy to remember. This is the Human Readable Version of the IP Address. With the help of this system, we can find one or more IP addresses on the Internet. It is also used as URLs to find a particular web page.

Types of Domain Name

Well, there are many types of domain names. But here we will talk about the domain name which is more important. Which are used more in choosing a domain name-


1. Top Level Domains- TLD

It is also called Internet Domain Extension. Where the domain name ends, it is its last part or as you say, the part after the dot is called Top Level Domains. It was first developed. With the help of this, we can easily rank any website because it is SEO friendly. Google Search Engine gives more importance to TLD. Let us tell you about some TLD Extensions from which anyone can buy-


.com (Commercial)
.org (Organization)
.net (Network)
.gov (Government)
.info (Information)
.biz (Business)
.name (Name)
.edu (Education)

2. Country Code Top Level Domains- CcTLD

This type of domain is used for a country. The name of this type of domain is based on the Two Letter ISO Code of a country.

.us (United States)
.in (India)
.br (Brazil)
.ru (Russia)
.cn (China)
.ch (Switzerland)

Functions of Domain Name

When you add the name of a website to your URL bar, it points to the IP of your server with the help of your domain name, so that you can see your searched website in the browser. Similarly, anyone can search any website and see it.

How to Create a Domain Name

1. Always choose a domain name that is easy to remember, type and speak.

2. Do not keep a similar domain name to someone else.

3. Your domain name should be unique.

4. Do not use special characters like Hyphen or Number in this name.

5. Always take Top Level Domains only.

6. Your domain name should be similar to your business profile.

How to buy Domain Name

If you want to make a website for yourself, then you can buy the domain name yourself. To buy it, you have to buy a new and unique domain name by registering an account in the domain from a Trustworthy Domain Name Service Provider. We will tell you about some such domain providers from where you can buy domain names.

1. Ipage
2. EWeb Guru
3. Znetlive
4. In
5. Ionos
6. Namecheap
7. Com
8. Go Daddy
9. Bigrock

What is Subdomain Name

Part of the Main Domain Name is in the Subdomain. It cannot be bought. If you have bought a Top Level Domain Name, then you can divide it into Subdomain. It is absolutely free.

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