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Comes. It is such an electronic device using which we can capture any scene and keep it with us. In earlier times the technology of camera was very old and it was also very valuable. Because of which only people with more money could use it. The common man could not even think about it. But in the year 1990, this device was invented. In today’s time, every other person has a Smartphone, in which the digital camera is already installed. Due to this, the use of digital cameras has become much easier and cheaper now.

If you understand the working way of the camera and its components, then you do not need to buy a very expensive camera. Because the use of the camera also depends on your skill. Through this article, we will tell you what Digital Camera is, how it is used.


What is Digital Camera

Camera means Dark Chamber. It is derived from a Latin word ‘Camera Obscura’. In earlier times, Film Camera was mostly used for taking photos. Because not many people knew about it. This a device that captures images and videos in digital format. In today’s time, the trend of such device is more.


In this, Image Sensor is used for good image and quality. Memory card is used to store images and videos in this camera. USB cable is used to transfer the image from the camera to the computer. In today’s time, every Smartphone has a digital camera, but there is a big difference between the quality of the phone’s camera and the quality of the device, more images and videos can be stored in this device than the traditional camera.


History of Digital Camera

It was invented by Steven Sasson in the year 1975. This camera came among the people in 1990. In the film world, this camera was used from the year 2000. These cameras started coming to the smartphone after the year 2010.

Types of Digital Camera

1. Compact Digital Camera

The size of these cameras is very small. You can take it with you anywhere. Its thickness is less than 20 mm. That’s why these cameras are called subcompact or ultra-compact. These cameras are designed in such a way that their use is very easy and their image quality is also better. In such cameras, the image is in JPEG format. Many rooms also have internal flash which has less power. But it is enough for the nearby subject. Image sensor with 6mm diagonal is used in such device.

2. Line Scan Camera

A Line Scan Camera Sensor Chip is installed in these cameras. In such a device, Pixel Sensor is used instead of Matrix. Line camera scan works to scan, wait and repeat any line. The data of such camera is accessed by a computer.

3. Digital Range Finder

It is used to measure the distance of any subject that was once used in a film camera.

4. Intercambiables Camera

The use of this type of camera started from 2008. They are simpler and more compact than DSLR cameras. It has an LED-like glass, in which you can first see the images that you are going to capture and adjust the focus accordingly.

5. Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera

It is a high level camera that captures the image and video in digital format and records it with the help of Electronic Image Sensor. Sensor size is bigger in DSLR camera. It usually ranges from 18mm to 36mm. The lenses used in this are quite advanced. You can also add External Lens to these cameras. In today’s time, most of the DSLR cameras are being used.

6. Bridge Digital Camera

The design of these cameras is like a DSLR camera. These are high level digital cameras. They have many types of facilities. Fix lens and small image sensor are used in such device. Their size is bigger. Special lenses with more capacity are installed in such cameras and the capacity to zoom is also high. But it does not have the feature of looking on the other side like DSLR.

Functions of Digital Camera

This camera looks like an Ordinary Film Camera, but its work is completely different. When you press the button to capture an image from any device, an aperture opens. In the front of the camera, more light starts entering through that lens. There is a lot of difference in the working way of this camera. This device does not contain any film, but instead is a piece of electronic equipment that captures the incoming light rays and converts them into electrical signals. This Light Detector is of two types – Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) and CMOS Image Sensor.

In this device, the light from the subject comes towards your camera lens. In this, the incoming picture hits the image sensor chip, which breaks into small pixels. This sensor measures the color and brightness of each pixel and stores them according to the numbers. Digital Photograph Numbers have an Enormously Long String which describes the Exact Detail of each Pixel.

Benefits of Digital Camera

1. In this, thousands of images can be stored in a small memory card.

2. Video can also be recorded along with voice.

3. Image or videos can be deleted to free up space in it.

4. Image can also be edited in some digital cameras.

Main Parts of Digital Camera

1. LCD Display
2. LED
3. Focusing Mechanism
4. Lens
5. Image Sensor
6. USB Connector
7. Battery Compartment
8. Flash Capacitor
9.  Flash Lamp
10. SD Card Slot
11. Processor Chip
12. Wrist Connector

Who Invented First Digital Camera 

The first digital camera was invented by Steven Sasson in the year 1975.

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