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In today’s time, there will be many people who will not have any idea about the captcha code, but there are many people who will know about this because while using the internet you must have encountered with it. Mainly it is found in such a website where you are creating your new account. While creating a new account on any website, it has to be solved. There are also many problems in solving it, because the way of writing it is slightly different.

What is Captcha Code

Its full name is Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is like a test. In this you will see some text as an image, which you have to enter in a box. If you enter the wrong captcha code in the box, then your website will not submit the form or the complete step of any account. It is made with the Intension of Security. Only humans can read it. This is a kind of verification test, through which it is checked whether there is a person using the website or a machine. This type of code consists of Image, Text and Number. Through the code, you can stop Spam so that your account remains secure.

History of Captcha Code

It was invented in the year 2000 at Carnegie Mellon University. The professor there first applied it on the page to keep the sign up page of the website secure. His invention was very successful. After which Yahoo and many search engines started using it. To protect users from fraud, PayPal started using the it in 2001.


Types of Captcha Code

These are of many types. Each of it has its own unique characteristics. It depends on what kind of security you want on your website.


1. Logic Question Based 

Logical questions are asked in this which are mostly based on Math. You have to solve those questions and write the answer in the text box. Robots cannot solve this type of question. That’s why it is mostly used in WordPress website.

2. 3D 

It is also called Super Captcha. In this, the text is shown in 3D effect. It is used on websites with high security. It is very difficult to solve it.

3. Text Recognition Based 

It is not very difficult to solve this, because in this you have to recognize the text and write it in the text box. But in this the words are written differently. If you do not understand it in the first time or the captcha code you have written in the text box is wrong then you can recaptcha, in this your code will be changed.

4. Image Recognition Based 

This is image based. Identifying the image and selecting the right image has to be done. You can easily solve it by looking at the instructions.

5. User Instruction Based 

In this we have to select a check box. This is an Interaction Based Activity. Solving this is very easy.

Functions of Captcha Code

It is like a test. It looks very easy to see but it cannot be solved by any robot or machine. Only one person can solve this. Because it has been made in such a way that only humans can read and solve. In this, an image appears in Number and Alphabet Mix which a person can read and can complete this process. The main purpose of this is security. It has been created with the intension of securing any website.

Reason to Use Captcha Code

Its main purpose is to secure any website. It is used to protect against Spamming and misuse of Online Services. In today’s time you can see it on every website. Earlier many websites used to give permission to submit by taking only the details. Because of which any software or robot could do this work. This is the reason why online spamming had increased a lot. To prevent this, it has been invented. Now most of the websites are such in which you cannot verify or log in your account without it.

How to Write Captcha Code

A lot of care has to be taken while writing it because it is not easy to identify the captcha code and write it in the text box. It seems very easy to see but there are many words which we do not recognize. It becomes difficult to write it back in the text box. Both big and small alphabet and numbers are used to make it. Many times the information written on the site is lost due to wrong writing of the captcha code in the text box. So we should write the it very carefully.

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