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What is Bar Code, what is its function, this question must have come to your mind at some point or the other. Whenever you have to buy any item, you must have seen a black straight line at some point or the other and seeing this, it must have come in your mind that what is this line after all. Many times it happens that with the help of this line, we also get our bill.


What is Barcode

It is a way to represent data. This means it is a way of writing the information of a product. In which information about the manufacturer, stock, price, quantity etc. of the product is given. This information is machine-readable, which means that only the machine can read this information. Optical Scanner is used to read it, which we know as Barcode Scanner or Barcode Reader.


QR Code is also a type of barcode which is 2D whereas Linear is 1D which requires optical scanner to read it. Such as Pen Scanner, Laser Scanner, Camera Scanner, CCD Scanner etc. In the code, information about the manufacturer, MFD, Expiry Date, Quantity, Price, Weight and Stock of any product is given. When Barcode Reader scans the barcode, this information comes into the computer and with the help of this product bill is made.

History of Barcode

It was invented by Norman Joseph Woodland and Bernard Silver. He started work on making it in 1948. After several attempts, Norman  Joseph Woodland based the Morse Code and dragged its dots and dashes down to form the Narrow and White Line. After which the barcode was invented. In the year 1949, he filed a patent for the barcode, which he got in 1952. After this, in the year 1974, the first UPC Barcode Scanner was installed at Marsh Supermarket in Troy.

Types of Barcode

It is mainly of two types. Linear and 2D

1. Linear Barcode

This is One Dimensional. This means that it only has length. That’s why they are also called 1D. They store information in numerical form but their storage capacity is not high, so they are able to store much less data than QR code. Linear is used in many places like oil, soap, powder, shampoo, cream, Maggi, Chips, Biscuit, Chocolate etc. This is easily visible on the packets. Large industries also use it such as transport, retail, health care, food, automobiles etc.

2. 2D Barcode (2D Barcode)

This barcode is two-dimensional. This means that it has both length and width, hence they are called 2D, but it is popularly known as QR Code. These information are Stpre in Numerical, Alpha-Numerical, Byte/Binary and Kanji Forms. It can store data in the form of 0-9, A-Z, a-z, special characters, ISO etc.

QR Code is a type of barcode that was created by a Japanese company Denso Wave in the year 1994. It is based on the Morse Code on which the barcode is based. Its storage capacity is very high. Apart from this, many types of data can be stored here.

Functions of Barcode

Our computer understands only Binary Language i.e. 0 and 1, so we convert the barcode into 95 such boxes of Black and White and divide them as 0 and 1. Out of 95 boxes, three are kept in Start, Middle, End which are known as Guards. After separating three boxes in 95 lines, 42-42 lines are left in the middle, these lines are divided into 6 parts, which makes a part of 7-7 lines. Now the barcode is read from left to right. As we mentioned that the right part is divided into 6 parts, thus 1 part is made up of 7 lines and a code is formed from these 7 lines. This code is made up of even and left places while the right side is made up of odd places, which shows how to read the bar code.

Advantages of Barcode

1. Product becomes unique by using it.

2. Because of this, it is easy for the computer system to recognize the product.

3. It saves time.

4.  With the help of this, we can know about the entire company of that product.

Disadvantages of Barcode

1. Not much information can be stored in this.

2.  If it gets damaged even a bit, then its Scanner is not able to read it.

3. We cannot scan it in any angle i.e. 360 degree.

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