Operation Ganga Launched by Air India


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The ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine Crisis) continues. Meanwhile, on the initiative of the Government of India, the first evacuation flight carrying 219 passengers from Ukraine landed in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The plane took off from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, this afternoon. Union Minister Piyush Goyal welcomed the Indian nationals who were evacuated safely from Ukraine at the Mumbai airport. In this regard, Union Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted, “Govt is working in mission mode to ensure the safety of our citizens.”


Operation Ganga Air India

For every one’s Information, Air India has launched a Operation Ganga inorder to evacuate students from Ukraine.¬†Earlier, Air India had made a tweet proclaiming ‘Jai Hind’. He wrote in the tweet- ‘Because courage is our old friend’. This tweet of Air India is winning the hearts of Indians. Here, the spokesperson of the Mumbai Airport Administration had informed that from the airport, full facilities will be given to the Indian students landing in Mumbai after coming out of the crisis of Ukraine. They will not face any kind of difficulties.


The Government of India is rapidly working to bring back Indians (Indian students evacuated) from the war-affected country Ukraine. Meanwhile, on Saturday, 219 people were evacuated from Ukraine. The Air India plane had taken off from Romania. This is the first group of Indians stranded in Ukraine who have been evacuated from the crisis-hit country. According to Air Traffic Control sources, the Air India plane reached Mumbai airport at 7.50 pm.

Air India Launched Operation Ganga

Air India plane took off to India at 1.55 pm with 219 people out of the Indian passengers who reached Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Union Railway Minister Piyush Goyal welcomed all the passengers by reaching Mumbai airport. The Union Minister reached inside the plane and got to know about the condition of all the passengers. After this, he also praised the crew members of the aircraft.

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