How to Record Phone Calls


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There can be many reasons for doing call recording. Many times it happens that if we are talking to someone important, so that we want to save it, then we have to do call recording. But many people do not know how to do call recording in the phone. Call recording means that while talking on the phone, we record the conversation in our phone. This feature is present in almost all the phones nowadays. But there are many phones in which there is no recording option. In such a situation, you can record the call through call recording apps and can also listen to it later. In this article we will tell you how to record phone calls.


How to Record Phone Calls

Nowadays the option of call recording is present in most of the phones. Recording is quite easy. In this, you have to open the dial pad by clicking on the Call Icon and call someone. When that person receives your phone, the option of Record will appear on your screen. On clicking on it, call recording starts. Let us tell you step-by-step how you can do call recording-


1. Open Dial Pad

First of all click on Call Icon in the phone and open Dial Pad. Now call any number or receive any incoming call.

2. Click on Record Option

After receiving an incoming call or after receiving the call of whomever you have called, you will see the option of record on the screen. Click on that option.

3. Recording will start

Call recording starts as soon as you click on the record option. After recording, it is saved in your File Manager or SD Card. Which you can listen to anytime.

Call Recording Apps

1. Call Recorder Automatic

There are many important features in this app. Through this app you can record manually or auto calls and you can also share that recording with anyone. Call Recorder Automatic has such a feature that you can password lock the recordings made through it, which no one else can hear except you.

2. Automatic Call Recorder

You can also do recording through this app. In this the option of Cloud Account has been given. You can record automatic calls in Automatic Call Recorder app and can also save in that Automatic Cloud Account like Google Drive.

3. Call Recorder ACR

Through this app, you can record and save any outgoing and incoming calls. But in this app the old Call Records are automatically deleted. If you want to save any call recording in your phone for a long time, then for that you have to mark Particular Recording.

How to do Automatic Call Recording

Most of the phones have the option of automatic call recording, so let us tell you how you can automatic record calls in your phone.

1. First of all click on Call Icon in your phone and open Dial Pad.
2. After this the option of setting appears in the right side, click on it.
3. On clicking on the setting, the option of call recording will appear, which will be off, turn it on.
4. Automatic call recording will start in your mobile as soon as you turn it on.

How to Find Call Recordings

If you want to listen Save call recording in your phone but you don’t know how to find call recording in your mobile. So let us tell you how to find call recording-

1. Whenever you talk to someone, the recording of the call is saved in the external or internal memory of your phone. To listen to which you have to open File Manager on your phone.
2. After this go to Internal Storage.
3. As soon as you open Internal Storage, you will see a folder of call recording. Open it.
4. As soon as you open the folder, you will see all the call recordings of your mobile. Now you can listen to whomever you want to listen by clicking on it.

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