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In today’s time, YouTube has become the largest platform based on video. This is a platform on which users can upload their videos and earn money from it. Before earning money from YouTube channel, you have to fulfill some of its requirements. To fulfill these requirements, you have to follow the Step-by-Step Process. Along with this, you also have to follow the Terms and Conditions of YouTube Channel. We all know about YouTube but not everyone is aware of Google AdSense. AdSense is a service of Google that shows ads on Blog Websites and YouTube Channel. This blog provides ads for the website and YouTube channel in different ways. You will get money from Google AdSense on the blog website when the viewers click on the ad. But when there is an Ad Show on a video in YouTube, then you will get its money.

What is YouTube Channel Monetization

We can earn money from YouTube channel only through YouTube channel monetization. After fulfilling some requirements, any YouTube channel can be monetized. But the channel will be approved only or ads will be shown on your video only when the condition of 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Time / One Year is fulfilled on your channel. You do not get money on YouTube on the basis of View, Like, Comment and Subscribers on your video. Rather, when there are Ad Shows on your video, then you will get money.

What are the Requirements of YouTube Monetization

1. 4000 Hours Watch Time


This means that for how long the viewers watch the video on your channel. 4000 hours of Watch Time should be in 1 year, that means there should be 10 hours of Watch Time in 1 day or if you want that 4000 hours of Watch Time should be done in a day, then it does not matter. 4000 hours of watch time should be completed on your channel, only then your channel can be monetized.


2. Must have 1000 Subscribers

To monetize your channel on YouTube, you must have 1000 Subscribers on your channel. If you do not have 1000 Subscribers on your channel, then you should apply your channel for monetization only after fulfilling these requirements.

YouTube Channel Monetization

3. Community Guidelines Strikes

If any such video has been uploaded on your YouTube channel which is against YouTube Guidelines or when Strike is found on your channel, then there is a problem in monetizing your channel.

4. Enable 2 Step Verification

It is very important to enable 2 Step Verification on YouTube channel. This is an important requirement of YouTube monetization. When you activate 2 Step Verification, then your YouTube channel will proceed in the process of monetization.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel

To monetize YouTube channel, you have to follow Step-by-Step Process-

1. You have to log in to YouTube with your Gmail Id from which your channel has been created.

2. After logging in, you have to click on Right Side Channel Profile Image.

3. After this, click on YouTube Studio here.

4. Now you have to scroll in the option given in the Left Side, after that you will see the option of Monetization here, you have to click on it.

5. After this, if your YouTube channel has 1000 Subscribers, 400 hours of Watch Time/Year, 2 Step Verification Enable and there is no Community Guidelines Strike on your channel, then you will have Apply Now button show for channel monetization.

6. Click on Apply Now Button.

7. After clicking on it, you have to follow 3 steps.

YouTube Channel Monetization Process

Step-1: Read YouTube Partner Program Term

1. In this you will have YouTube Partner Program Term Show.

2. After reading the term and condition, you have to tick the check box.

3. Now click on Accept Term Button and in a few seconds this step will be completed.

4. After the completion of the step, you will have the option show of Done in front of Step-1.

Step-2: Sign Up for Google AdSense

If you do not have an AdSense account then you have to sign up for Google AdSense account. To open an account on this, your age should be above 18 years.

1. To complete this step, first you have to click on Start Button.

2. After this if you have AdSense Account then you have to select Yes. If you do not have AdSense Account then you have to select No.

3. If you do not know whether your AdSense Account has been created or not, then you can click on I Don’t Know.

4.  After selecting any one option out of the three, you click on Continue.

5.  After logging in with Gmail Id, AdSense Sign Up Form will show.

6. Here the link of your YouTube Channel on Your Website  will have been automatically filled.

7. After this you have to click on Yes Button.

8. Now select Country.

9.  After this, if you can read Google AdSense Terms and Conditions and tick the check box.

10. Then you will see the option of Create Account, click there.

11. After completing all these steps, you will have to fill the Customer Information. For this you select Account Type.

12. Now you fill the Name and Address. You have to fill the same name and address which is in your documents.

13. To verify the address, AdSense later sends a PIN to the address, so fill in the correct details.

14. After filling all the details properly, you click on the Submit Button.

15. Now your Google AdSense Account has been created.

Step-3: Channel Review

In this, YouTube will review your channel. This process takes about 1 week. You will get all the information related to this on your Email Id. That’s why you have to keep checking regular mail. After reviewing your YouTube channel, if everything is correct then you will get Google AdSense Approval for your channel and Ad Show will start on your channel.

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