How to Download Copyright Free Images


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When we download an image from Google, there are many images on which there is a copyright issue. Did you know that you can download copyright free images? If any person is blogging then he will know how important Copyright Free Image is for his blog. To rank any blog to the first page in Google, all the tools, SEO and other things have to be taken care of very much in it. Only after that the audience visit your blog. When any reader visits your blog, he/she first sees the image. Images make our blog quite attractive. (What is Blogging)

Copyright Free Image Download

It is easy to find and download the image for any of your articles, but the image you are using for your blog should be copyright free, which means that there should be no copyright issue on that image. So that you will not face any problem later.

If we need any image, then we go to Google and search for it and download them. But if we want to use those images on our blog then it should be copyright free. Using the image without the permission of whichever website you are viewing the image from is considered illegal. The owner of that image can file a copyright case against you or can even get your blog banned by complaining to Google. Through this article, we will tell you what are the ways by which you can download copyright free images for your blog.


What is Copyright Image

This means that you cannot use any image without the permission of its owner, usually someone else owns that image, so that image is called a copyright image. Such images cannot be used on Website, YouTube, Blog. If you want to use it, then first you have to ask permission from the owner of that image.


What is Copyright Free Image

Copyright free images are called those which you can use without permission. There is no copyright issue on such an image. Even though the copyright of these images is with its owner, but the owner of that image has given permission to others to use his image without any copyright issue. This means that the owner of the image has no problem with who is using his image where.

How to Download Copyright Free Image

1. First of all open the browser on your phone or laptop.

2. Now in Google Image Search, type the name of the image you want to download.

3. As soon as you click on the Search button, you will see many images related to your topic. But you cannot use this image on your blog.

4. Now click on the option of Tools in the Result Page.

5. After clicking on the tool, you will see many options.

6. From there you click on the option Usage Rights.

7.  Below the Usage Rights you will see three options- 1. All, 2. Creative Common License (Free), 3. Commercial and Other License (Paid).

8. In all these three options, you always have to choose the option with Creative Common License (Free), because it is completely free.

9. Whatever image you see here, you can use it for free.

10. After clicking on the Creative Common License (Free) Option, whatever image you see, you can download, edit and modify it and you can use it without any hassle.

Websites for Copyright Free Image 

1. Pikwizard
2. Picjumbo
3. Pexels
4. Stockvault
5. Pixabay
6. Morguefile
7. Gratisography
8. Unsplash

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