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Special application has been started by the Government of India for the COVID-19 roll out, which is named Cowin. An application that will make a significant contribution to the vaccination campaign of COVID-19.

Through this application the Government of India will be able to get complete information about the Corona Vaccine that came to India, such as stock, distribution, storage etc. Along with this, in this application it will also be recorded that which patient has been vaccinated and when will he be vaccinated again. The schedule of all these things will be available on the app in advance. Separated data centers will also be created for this application which will be updated by the agencies. About 28000 Corona vaccine storages have been created across the country.

What is Cowin?

Cowin is a website and app on which registration has to be done to get the vaccine for coronavirus. It is a process before getting the vaccination done. it has been launched by the central government.

What is Cowin Portal?

Cowin also known as COVID Vaccination Intelligence Work, is the web portal of the Government of India. The initiative was launched on January 16 2021, to help to register for Cowin vaccine. The Cowin app for vaccine registration is maintained and worked by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Besides, it shows the booking slots for the vaccine in the nearby areas. Moreover, you can also download the vaccine certificate from Cowin  once your vaccination drive has been accomplished. Currently the vaccine drive in India is under way for people in the age group of 15-18, 18 to 44, and 45+. Those who wish to receive a jab can go to the self registration Cowin to register themselves. They can also prefer Aarogya Setu vaccine registration which has Cowin registration.





How to do registration with Cowin App?

– Get into ‘Register/Sign’ in yourself.

– Put an automatic mobile number and receive an OTP.

– Place the OTP within 180 seconds for verification.

– After validation of OTP the register for vaccination page comes into play.

– Enter the necessary information such as name, number, photo ID, age and gender.

– Hit the ‘Register’ button.

– A confirmation message is being received once the registration has been successful.

Which age groups are eligible to register for vaccination on the Cowin portal?

Today India has begin registration for the covid-19 vaccination for children aged 15 to 18 years. The government has said both walk-in and online registration is available for vaccination of children. Also, the people of 18 to 44 years of age can go for vaccine registration and those between 45 to 59 years can register for vaccination on Cowin registration portal.

How to register for on-the-spot COVID-19 vaccine?

The the directive issued by the central government of India, many states have permitted on-the-spot vaccine registration for those age between 18 to 45 years. They can apply for the same and do not have to go for Cowin registration portal login necessarily.

Step for Cowin registration with website

– Apart from ko vaccine registration online on the Cowin website for vaccine registration you can do covid registration directly by visiting Cowin website registration.

– After signing up, put your mobile number and submit to receive an OTP. Once the OTP has been received, go for verification.

– After inserting all the information, such as name, gender, photo ID,  year of birth and proof, click on register. Besides, you can register four people at a time for vaccination.

– Once the registration is complete, there will be an option for scheduling and appointment.

– Click on the schedule option and put the area pin code and it will show all the centres, where the vaccination drive is on.

– You can then pick up the center, suitable date and time of vaccination and confirm.

How to download COVID vaccination certificate from Cowin?

– Visit the professional internet site of Cowin i.e.

– Click at the Sign In/Register button.

– Sign in the use of your registered mobile number after which input the OTP acquired on the mobile number.

– Once you log in, there can be Certificate tab beneath your name.

– Click the download button to get the gentle replica of your vaccination certificate.


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